Kanban og systemtænkning


Kanban and system thinking approach

Kanban is so much more than a Kanban board. It is a data-driven management method that rapidly creates agility and efficiency. Kanban can be used for any type of knowledge work where there is a need for systemizing anything complex. On March 18 you have the opportunity to be inspired on how Kanban as a method, with its system thinking approach, can help streamline agile activities and create an overview of agile work across silos. You will learn how to optimize flows and speed of delivery, without changing the organization’s existing roles or responsibilities.


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Dato & tid

18. marts 2021
Kl. 09:00 - 10:30

Katrine Krogbeck
Want to know more?

Katrine Krogbeck

+45 3026 8316

Practical information

Date & time

March 18 2021
9:30-10:30 am


You can follow the free webinar on either Zoom or Youtube. If you participate via Zoom, there will be an opportunity to ask questions etc.
You will receive a link to the webinar the day before.


The presentation will be in English

Why is it interesting?

Kanban has gained ground in many organizations as a system that binds agile work flows together across silos and often in combination with other agile methods, e.g. Scrum, SAFe etc. Kanban thinks in entities and has focus on the entire value chain across teams and departments with the goal of raising efficiency and creating value faster. Kanban is pragmatic, executable, and evidence based. Kanban is a flow system that ensures your team can deliver as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and in the best possible quality. A Kanban system consists of two boards – upstream for opportunities and downstream for work in progress.
Kanban is particularly interesting because it combines seamlessly with other agile methods, such as Scrum, SAFe etc. Kanban influences and controls the way you work, and focuses on crosscutting dependencies, which is the biggest obstacle on effective execution.

What will you learn from participating?

  • Learn what a Kanban system really is. (No, it’s not just a board)
  • Introduction to Kanban’s building blocks including the 6 core practices
  • Understand the importance of flow and the consequences of your decisions on flow
  • Introduction to what activity categories and service classes are – including cost-of-delay
  • Input on how to design a Kanban system
  • Inspiration on how to find content for your board and your Kanban notes
  • Examples of team and board rules
kanban underviser

Keynote speaker

Annette Vendelbo

Agile expert, accredited Kanban teacher and coach

Annette Vendelbo is an agile expert specialized in Kanban and system thinking. She has vast experience as a project and program manager, as well as a consulting manager in large international companies. Annette is author of the book "Compact Basic Guide to Kanban", as well as the brand-new book "Agile Transformations in Practice". She delivers Denmark's first two (and only) online courses in Kanban and is Denmark's only accredited lecturer from Kanban University.

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